S I M P L E . T - S H I R T S . F O R . S M A R T . P E O P L E


Dey’s story began many years ago, back in Venezuela. A beautiful individual, whose life journey has taken him to visit 85 countries, and learn about all the incredible and diverse cultures in the world.

He has touched and changed the lives of many people who have crossed his path, he’s opened their minds to new perspectives, and their hearts to new emotions. You can say he has applied “heat” to many “kernels” around him to make them “pop”. Some of those pop right away, to others it takes a bit longer… Every process it’s beautiful in itself. And as he says in some of his conferences, “Every kernel has its time...”

It would take at least a trilogy to tell his full story, and compile all the amazing things he’s been through, and to count all the kernels he has helped pop, so instead we will give you a snippet of the latest chapter:

In everyone’s journey through life, there is always an “untold chapter”, an “unsung song”, the part some people choose not to focus on. Struggles and hardships, difficult moments we go through, and ugly situations we have to face, that trigger different emotions in people.

Dey’s story is no stranger to struggle and hardships, but unlike most people, he doesn’t shy away from his story’s ugly moments, because he knows and accepts that every single thing that has happened, and every single emotion he has felt, has shaped him into the man he is today.

Some of you already know parts of the following chapter, some only know bits, and to some, it will be news.

Dey was diagnosed with SIDA - HIV in June 2010 and by November 2010 his HIV was undetectable. Because of this he was part of some advanced research for getting undetectable very fast. This was mainly thanks to his massive knowledge around the human body & mind. Which he does not just know, he lives it, he is it.

In 2018 he was diagnosed with Diabetes, which, without him knowing, counteracted his HIV Medication and created a neuro-chemical disbalance, which resulted in a major depression. This whole process happened really slowly, until the point where Dey found himself on a cliff ready to jump by April 2019.

Thankfully he did not go through with it, <mostly thanks to his self-awareness>, and he managed to reach out to his friend and neighbor, who drove him immediately to the psychiatric hospital in Lisbon.

They did not keep him. Despite his state, Dey ended up coaching the therapist, so he was not committed and instead was sent home.

The exploration of the cause of his depression began in May 2019. The counteracting of the medication was found out quite fast, so his HIV Medication was changed, and he got some anti-depressants.

The problem now was that the new HIV Medication was for people who had had depression, not for people who were still going through it.

After a lot of back and forth with different doctors, and getting different perspectives, they got him to a new medication with different doses that worked together. He slowly got better treatment for the depression, and by New Year 2019 he was doing a bit better.

He was on track to get better and get the treatment he needed… Then COVID hit, and made it impossible for Dey to earn money the way he has done the past 20 years. Traveling and group gatherings were forbidden around the world, and that was the kick that pushed him over the edge.

During the COVID Pandemic in March 2020 he was committed and treated for a week in the psychiatric hospital. He got stronger medication and was sent home.

The depression changed into manifested extreme anxiety and agoraphobia. His body, when triggered, gets into a very intensive energy drain and shuts down. He was not able to open his laptop, do any work or do much of anything. Plus the COVID Pandemic.

In an effort to get him functional and active again, the neighbor drove him to a close-by dog shelter to volunteer. It was a way for them to get him out of the house, and for him to do something in an environment that had none of the old triggers.

Step by step he started doing more at the dog shelter, remodeling the house, fixing things that were broken, morphing the space into a beautiful home for the dogs and people working there. He also started training the difficult dogs, to the point that even other volunteers could start handling them again.

Over the summer a friend stayed with him and kept him company. He was able to see him once a day and work side by side with him at the dog shelter.

During this time Dey was able to close his finances to apply for social support, which he is receiving right now (190 Euros a month is his current income based on social support). Mainly by getting a warm meal a day and a box of monthly food supplies. Right now he is receiving help from friends and his sister. Slowly getting the treatment he needs.

Dey can not do all the amazing coaching & hosting he used to do, what he did is transformed the Dog shelter into a beautiful space. And then got ready to take one step in front of the next during his healing journey and started designing T-Shirts once his phobia to the computer passed due to his treatment.

Some of us (his best friends) came together as a form of gratitude for all the teachings and moments he gifted us with, however, a few of us it's not enough to help him cover all the financial basics. This is where YOU come in.

This is an open invitation to all the people Dey touched during the last few years to give back. To thank him for any contribution he had into your “popping” journey. It’s time to help with the restoration of our popcorn machine.

At the moment, and as recommended by the doctors, Dey is not able to serve people as he used to, instead he is designing T-Shirts to keep his mind occupied and his body busy with activity. You can see it as, instead of having his life as planned and helping other on their journey, he is taking it one step at a time, enjoying the creativity of designing, and healing himself in the process. 

So if you would like to support him through this tough times, on this journey of recovery and healing, you can buy one his creations in this website or subscribe to Patreon or donate on the website we have created for that purpose. By subscribing, you will have access to the beautiful work he did on the shelter, awesome materials he is slowly preparing, audio clips with Dey's particular way of teaching, and a lot of other awesome stuff we have compile over all the years of working with Dey.


Every donation/subscription is welcome (you can subscribe with as little as 3 Euros a month!), and together we can support Dey as he journeys back to the best version of himself. We need him back. We WANT him back!

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Love tons,

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